The cast gets lots of email

I can see by all the comments on Facebook that there are some serious withdrawal pangs this week! One of the nice things about living in Key Largo, & working at Ocean Reef, is that I have been inundated with feedback all week. Therefore basking in praise that’s for all of you. It does not seem to matter where I go as there is someone telling me how great the production was. Manny & Anthony’s friends at Publix, Butchs’ maitre d’ at the Waffle house, all the regulars & staff at the Pilot House, Debbie Hess’ friends at the Monroe County Sherriff’s office (…..whoops that’s another story!)

You guys made a great impression and left the locals with wonderful memories! Some conversational comments.


“As good as Broadway!”……..“Better than Broadway at a fraction of the price!!”………..


“When is the next one?”………“Between you & me I preferred your Max and Roger over the Broadway ones”.…………….


”Loved the costumes:”……………“Never, ever expected this type of production in the Keys”……………..


“In the gay scene, you guys seem to be having a lot of fun…………….too much fun!”


”Is the guy that played Carmen really engaged…… a girl?!”……..    “I wish I could kick as high as Ulla did, and those legs!”



There were many, many more. My personal favorite - A group of ladies I know well were discussing the play in the lobby of the hotel here at the Reef just as I walked by. “Oh Burgess this & oh Burgess that. It was wonderful, fun, so well produced, can’t wait to see the next one” etc, etc. After at least five minutes of them asking me about the different scenes, actors, who played which part, Bill, Steve, Craig, Julio, Erika, Manny (and how great they were), one lady, who had been off to the side slightly & not said anything, after looking at me very intently pronounced for all to hear,

“Weren’t you the good looking Stormtrooper who sang with the girls?”…………………to which I could only reply………….…”Yes I used to be!”


Have a great weekend – The actor formerly known as Kevin!!

Hello Burgess,

Thank you for passing along these glowing reviews! 

By the way, I don't think I ever let everyone know that I did in fact find my sunglasses.

However, now I'm missing a pair of shoes...If I didn't keep my head screwed on...

Can't wait to see you all at the screening!

Karen (Penny's favorite Usherette)


Your play was excellent!! I was there with two others.  One was visiting from Panama and did not speak a word of English.  She really enjoyed it as did my other friend.  Please keep me in mind for all your plays.


 I’ll add a comment from Zoe’s Algebra tutor that came over last night --- Originally from England, – she said she felt like she was in New York City again  -- had dinner and drinks at the Encore, a fantastic show and walked home!  She said her jaw hurt from laughing and can’t wait till the next one!

Thanks, Burgess. I'm jealous and relieved I don't live in the Keys. Both for the same reason!

BTW, My boss on Wednesday said she saw the show and thought it was outstanding. She didn't know I was appearing in it until she read the program beforehand. LOL

Dear Collegues,

      I got to see Steve give a wonderful, witty, hilarious, and just downright great performance in Mel Brook's "The Producers" presented by the Miami Acting Company this past weekend!! The show was a thrill-a-minute.

      Briefly, the show is about a washed-up producer and an wimpy accountant who dreams of becoming a Broadway Producer. After reviewing the books, they discover that it would be more profitable to produce a flop so they set out to find the worst play, director, and cast ever assembled.

      Now the journey to the flop was loaded with comedic flair and good singing. But it was not until they recruited the director that the show came more alive to me. Steve played Roger DeBris, a director who would ensure the disaster that they needed. When "Roger" floated out on stage in a beautiful black and silver sequined ball gown with the matching head piece, I roared. Steve gave a side-splitting, hilarious performance that continued through his Hitler impersonation. "Spring time for Hitler" never looked better!!

      I hope that you all can go to a Steve Gair theatre performance, soon. You won't regret it!!


Dear Bill,

I never got back to you after the play but I wanted to tell you that I had a great time. 

You were GREAT!!!!  That solo act you did where you recapped everything that had happened - - WOW!!!!  A lot of energy went into that.   

I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much and so hard.   Thanks. 

If there’s an email distribution list for upcoming events that you can add me to, please do so, but include my personal email address.   

Barbara A